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Unfortunately many people are unaware that September was Brain Aneurysm Awareness Month. I couldn’t have been more thankful when I saw an old friend had posted that month about her moms story to assist with creating further awareness.

Mel is a longtime friend of mine, although over the years we lost touch and lived our own lives. Sadly during this time her and her family went through the unfortunate event of her mother, Everett, otherwise known as Tita, experiencing a ruptured aneurysm. I understand how difficult it may have been for her to share to moms story, although I am also very thankful.

Mel’s is a very strong woman, although I can honestly believe she got it from her mom. Tita was an emergency nurse and luckily was able to understand and act quickly when she started to feel the symptoms of an aneurysm.

Her mom was at a fundraiser in the city on the night that her aneurysm ruptured and was supposed to be leaving for a solo road trip to trek Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota the next morning. That night she experienced an excruciating headache, something completely out of the ordinary. Her friends rushed her to the hospital, and luckily they did, as her unknown aneurysm had ruptured, caused by a previous AVM.

Luckily due to their quick actions, the doctors were able to clip the bleed. Sadly Tita was unable to return to work and was unable to drive, although she continued to live her life of wanderlust and experience the world.

Over the next seven years after Tita’s rupture, she experienced the world how she wanted to and was unconditionally loved by her family. Mel and her sister did check in on her mom continuously to ensure she was okay. Tita seemed to always ensure everything was okay so they would’t worry, although that is then they started to notice that while she mom was eating, she would eat only half of her meal right down the middle without realizing it. Luckily that seemed to be the only major side-effect she experienced.

It was Christmas Eve 2016 when Mel, Tita and their close family came together and celebrated the holidays. They had an incredible party, so much love and laughter. It was certainly one to remember. Christmas morning came around and they were headed to church, although Tita did not arrive. Family members had been calling her, although she did not answer. It was only then when they arrived at her home to find that she had passed away.

Tita was able to celebrate her last day of her life, seven years after her rupture, with the most important, loving and supportive people in her life.

Once again, I am sincerely grateful Mel shared her mom’s story with myself to educate others of this condition, but to also make it known that no matter how awful the circumstances are, you must live your life and experience all.

Thank you Mel💕

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