Adventures to Mount Cook

This road trip to Mount Cook was exactly what I needed...! With all of my loved ones thousands of miles away, I guess you can say I have been feeling a bit homesick... although I was reminded to make the most of being in this beautiful country and to look forward to all that is to come. Because of that, I escaped my Queenstown bubble and went to Mount Cook for the day! It was the best decision I could have made!

Tom the coach driver was incredible and made the 4.5 hour journey effortless with his corky commentary and dry humour. I sure learned a lot though, especially about the beloved and legendary Merino sheep, Shrek!

We stopped along the way at the stunning Lindis Pass, passed through the hydro town of Twizel, awed in Mount Cooks beauty from a distance at Lake Pukaki, and eventually made it to the beautiful village of Aoraki/ Mount Cook!

A short 2 hours there allowed enough time to venture down the Kea Trail and then return to the Hermitage Hotel for a cheeky glass of vino before heading back.

It was a long 11 hour day, but fully worth it! As there are a number of trails, including the famous Hooker Valley trail to Mount Cook, I will certainly be back.

Escaping Queenstown, especially being carless, was exactly what I needed!